about Pastor LoveGod Enyinna

Pastor LoveGod is a motivational speaker and a faith-based preacher. He believes that the Word of God holds the solution to the human problem. “When we align ourselves with the purpose of God for our lives, every other thing will fall in place. However, when we are misaligned, life becomes miserable.” Pastor LoveGod is a deep thinker as well as the founder of LLEM International, which is a registered nonprofit in three countries. He is also the author of the following:

1. The Principles of Love and Self-Empowerment (free booklet)
2. The booklet’s companion one-page download, The Principles of Love and Self-Empowerment (free)
3. The Self-Empowerment Message, which is an inspiration email series about love and self-empowerment (free)

Pastor LoveGod’s early inspiration resulted from his Nigerian Christian work as well as the devotion of his parents. His father is a pastor, and his mother is an ardent community advocate.

At age 10, LoveGod commenced his theological education as a member of the Children Evangelical Ministry (CEM), where he learned about helping others through the Word of God. Pastor LoveGod is thankful to his fellow Christian leaders, such as Brother Uzoma Ugezi; Brother Chijioke; the late Brother Maurice Martin of Hagerstown, Maryland; Brother Jorge Rodriguez; and many others who supported his growth and education.

As a student, LoveGod aided his community by personally delivering food, clothing, and medical assistance to the poor and less privileged. Then he began organizing relief efforts to make a greater impact. In addition to his theological studies, he holds a bachelor’s degree in science technology and microbiology and has worked in different medical laboratories. As a result of his leadership abilities and management and organizational skills, he has headed many organizations and groups. Furthermore, he has worked in many churches in both Europe and Africa under many pastors, apostles, and bishops. He is currently the missionary-in-residence at Barefoot Church, USA.

To help fund his Christian missionary work and LLEM International, LoveGod has provided secular services to businesses in Europe and America.

Pastor LoveGod founded LLEM International to expand his missionary and charity work. Since then, thousands of individuals in Nigeria and beyond have been able to lead better lives, have become more self-sufficient, have in turn helped others, and have embraced the Word of God. For more information visit LLEM International Inc..

About LLEM International

LLEM International Inc. was founded by Pastor LoveGod in 2006. In 2008 it was incorporated in the Nigerian city of Aba (population +4 million), where LoveGod was born and raised.

Today, LLEM International is a registered nonprofit in three countries with offices in the United States, Europe, and Africa.

Since 2007, LLEM International’s ongoing program, “Educate the Masses,” has graduated over 4000 Nigerian students from its free Bible Correspondence Course. This program is administered annually with the support of U.S. partner, Lamp & Light Publisher.

In 2010, LLEM International provided medicine to de-worm 800 children in the Imo State of Nigeria. This further resulted in similar programs being conducted in other southeast Nigerian communities, which benefited thousands of children.

In 2016 LLEM successfully hosted a Community Empowerment Conference in South Carolina.  This conference facilitated a change in organizational financing. Prior to 2016, LLEM was self-funded by its founder. After the success of the Community Empowerment Conference, Pastor LoveGod realized he needed to engage God’s citizens to expand his work. Pastor LoveGod’s belief in the kindness of others inspired him to further expand his mission from a self-funded organization to one where others can contribute. This set the stage for LLEM International to grow into a powerful worldwide Christian service organization.

LLEM has been able to reach hundreds of thousands of people who were lost and hurting with lifesaving hope and assistance at a time when they needed it the most. LLEM has helped to feed the hungry, treat and prevent illness in impoverished families, rescued children from the streets and drawn thousands of people to Christ.

Whether it’s a third-world country or our own community, God has put LLEM in a position to assist and serve people.  Pastor LoveGod not only considers this a great responsibility, but also a privilege.

Be sure to visit the LLEM International website for more information: LLEMinternational.org


“Praise the Lord, I love what you are doing. The world is truly blessed to have ministries like yours. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for the sharing the gospel and being an example of Christ as far as helping people in need.”
Jane Greenwood, USA
“We the management and student of Heritage Christian Educational Ministries write to show appreciation for all the services rendered to us. Your interaction with our students is helping to mold their lives and encourage them to be positive in our society. God bless you.”
Rev. B.A. Njoku, Nigeria
“We write to thank you and your Ministry for the kindness X-rayed to our community sometime ago.”
His Royal Highness, Eze Nachi 1 of Agu-Na-Ebere, Nigeria
“You are a great motivational speaker.”
Anna Svenson, Sweden
“You always say the truth. I need to hear more of you and be closer to you to build my Christian life.”
Chaniqua Squires, USA
“Pastor LoveGod, there is something in your voice that made me kept crying when you prayed for me. You are an anointed man of God and the world can’t wait to hear you. I was so blessed.”
Emma Benjamin, Italy

Pastor LoveGod: “I Believe…”

  • I believe in God as the almighty, the beginning and the last

  • I believe in divine prosperity

  • I believe in miracles

  • I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit

  • I believe in the power of God to do all things

  • I believe in abundance

  • I believe in no limitation

  • I believe that I can do all things

  • I believe that I am unstoppable

  • I believe the Christ in me the Hope of Glory

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Pastor LoveGod and LLEM International are passionate advocates for the The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), which is a milestone document in the history of human rights. Drafted by representatives with different legal and cultural backgrounds from all regions of the world, the Declaration was proclaimed by the United Nations General Assembly in Paris on 10 December 1948 and sets out, for the first time, fundamental human rights to be universally protected.

Your Help is Welcome

We believe that the solution to a better world is through responsible individuals, such as yourself, who actively support charitable and positive causes.

With your partnership and financial support, we promise to continue to reach out further into the world to deliver help and a message of love, prosperity, good health and abundance.

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